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With the rise of e-commerce, the use of E Wallet to make payments also increased. During the global pandemic, the internet became even more important for buying and selling goods and services. Malaysians now have access to a variety of goods and services through e-wallets. Furthermore, they provide us with the convenience of staying on top of our finances from the comfort of our own homes.

Are you wondering what an e-wallet is and how it works if you haven’t used one before? Your payment information is kept in an electronic wallet, as its name implies. Have you made a purchase? Using a web store or app to pay for a service? The information necessary to complete that transaction is available instantly through e-wallets.

Malaysians can use e-wallets to make payments without a physical credit card, pay with cash, or visit a bank branch. Data from credit cards, bank accounts, debit cards, and other payment platforms are usually stored in an E Wallet Malaysia. User information and transactions are protected by strict online security measures implemented by providers.

There has been a boom in the country’s e-wallet industry. A total of 53 platforms were reported in 2019. It may be difficult to decide between just a few from each. The following are a few of the best Malaysian e-wallets for you to consider narrowing down your options.

1. Surepay88 – Malaysia’s Best Online Payment Gateway

SurePay lets users to operate on smartphones and pay seamlessly via their phones through SuprePay88. This Malaysian online payment gateway is funded directly from their cards, so no credit top-ups are needed.

Users of SurePay88 can pay on the go by scanning a QR code or tapping their device on the terminal. Expenses will also be tracked in real time through real-time notifications. With multilayered security features such as passwords and fingerprints, users can shop with total peace of mind.

It is the no.1 online payment gateway that provide the safest platform for quick transections.

2. GrabPay – Mobile Wallet Payment Solution

GrabPay, which offers food delivery and cashless payment services, is one of the most popular e-wallets in Malaysia.

Besides rides, Grab users can also pay for purchases at stores, GrabFood, bills, prepaid reloads, and many other items through the “Payment” tab. They will also earn GrabRewards points for each transaction, allowing them to redeem exciting deals and discounts.

3. AEON Wallet – Best Online Banking Payment Malaysia

In addition to storing payment cards electronically, AEON Wallet by AEON Credit Service Malaysia also provides users the ability to make in-store payments at AEON merchant outlets via a mobile app. AEON Wallet is a card-based e-wallet that accepts only AEON Credit Service Malaysia cards, just like CIMB Pay. Secure payments can be made by scanning the QR code with the AEON Wallet App at payment terminals. The app allows users to check their balances and transactions in real-time, and they can earn AEON Points that can be converted into cash.

4. Boost – Malaysia’s Preferred eWallet App

Axiata’s Boost is one of Malaysia’s most popular e-wallets. Today’s digital and mobile world has revolutionized how locals make transactions. Over 200,000 merchant touchpoints across the country are supported by the app’s Scan & Pay feature. Through the app, users can also reload mobile credit, top up game credits, buy vouchers, pay for online shopping, and settle utility bills.

In addition to transportation needs, Boost is a convenient payment option. Booking rides, paying parking fees, purchasing fuel, and paying for car maintenance services are all available to users. Additionally, Boost is a popular lifestyle e-wallet platform because of its fun features. During the festive season, Malaysians can send money safely with e-Ang Pow and Boost Protect insurance plans.

5. Touch ‘n Go – Leading E wallet App in Malaysia

As a final note, let’s talk about Touch ‘n Go. Malaysians’ future digital payments could be shaped by TNG Digital’s e-wallet. With just one app, locals can go cashless.

With Touch’ n Go, users can make payments at more than 300,000 merchant locations. Deals, rewards, and toll fees can also be paid, as well as parking fees and toll charges. Moreover, Touch’ n Go users can also earn referral bonuses by referring friends and family to sign up.

The five e-wallets listed above provide safe purchases and bills in Malaysia. Before signing up for one of these platforms, do extensive research on them,犀利士 compare their features, and ask your friends and family to recommend one. Using an e-wallet that suits your specific needs will allow you to take advantage of all the benefits of e-commerce.

FAQs about best eWallet in Malaysia:

What is the best eWallet in Malaysia?

The CIMB Pay app. In collaboration with CIMB, the leading ASEAN universal bank, CIMB Pay lets users link their CIMB cards to their phones and pay seamlessly. Since the wallet is funded directly from CIMB cards, it doesn’t require credit top-ups in Malaysia.

Is Malaysia a popular country for e-wallets?

As technology advances and the digital world influences money’s evolution, the adoption of cashless transactions is becoming more prevalent in Malaysia.

Is eWallet safe in Malaysia?

It is generally safe to use an electronic wallet, but they are not invulnerable. To reduce the risk and prevent your financial information from falling into the wrong hands, be sure to implement additional security measures.

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