How Do FPX Payment Malaysia Operate? – FPX Transfer, FPX Payment Malaysia, FPX Payment Gateway Malaysia

Malaysians can make money online with Financial Process Exchange (FPX). Interbank funds can be transferred from buyer to seller using this service. Bank FPX Payment Malaysia is spearheading the payment gateway, which is managed by MEPS.

What is FPX Payment Malaysia, and how does it work?

In addition to making payments, FPX can also be used to purchase goods and services. FPX services can be classified into two types: Payment and Collection.

E-commerce businesses must accept real-time payments, regardless of whether they are B2C or B2B. An Internet banking account with a participating FPX member bank is required.

A collection model can be used as an alternative payment method for businesses not based on the Internet. For example, bulk collection models are ideal for collecting insurance or unit trust premiums.

It focus only on the FPX Transfer model, the online payment method.

What are the Model of FPX payment in Malaysia?

For debiting purposes, the buyer chooses a preferred bank on the merchant’s website.

An Internet banking link will be provided to the buyer.

The buyer must approve payment by logging into his/her account.

Account credit will be issued to the merchant once the purchase value (money) has been approved.

Upon confirmation of the transaction, both parties will receive a notification.

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