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FPX Online Banking Payment Malaysia is offered by (the central payment network of Malaysia). For e-commerce transactions in Malaysia, FPX online banking is the most popular payment method.

With no need to collect banking information, we support all consumer banks with refunds and fund transfers to the customer’s bank account.

What are the secure methods of Online Banking Payment Malaysia?

Online Payment Services are available in many forms. In the case of payment processing and handling, as with any online activity, there are always some security risks. Ensure that the Online Banking Payment services you offer your customers are highly encrypted. Payment Systems that are confusing, slow, or poor quality will turn away customers.

Is your existing technology compatible with the payment gateway?

Consider how well the APIs of the payment gateway integration with any current technology platforms you use before selecting it. Your processes will be complicated, and payments will take longer if you choose a gateway unrelated to your existing solutions.

It is possible to integrate your platform of choice with many customizable gateways. You and your customers will benefit from selecting one of them.

FPX Exchange Portal has been established to provide all merchants who subscribe to FPX with access to FPX Merchant Integration Kit, a collection of all the necessary manuals, documents, and tools for integrating with FPX system (e.g. Basic Integration Guide, sample coding, certification manual, etc.).

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