What Are Security Measures Taken By Payment Gateway Malaysia?

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Safety is the primary concern for online shoppers regarding digital payments. Today, buyers don’t even blink when giving out information on an e-commerce platform since digital payments have become a norm. To ensure online payments are secure, it’s up to Payment Gateway Malaysia and online businesses to check all the boxes.

If you’re looking for a Payment Gateway partner, you should check a few things.

The technology of data encryption in Payment Gateway Malaysia

Encryption sounds complicated, but it is easy to understand once you get into the details.

Payment Gateway Malaysia: SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer

E-commerce companies should use only payment gateways that have SSL certificates.

SSL uses both private and public keys as a security layer. Web browsers and servers work together to create encrypted connections.

For safe digital transactions, SSL certificates validate a website’s authenticity. As a result, SSL is used by the majority of e-commerce websites for online authentication.


  1. Sales proceeds are processed and credited immediately
  2. Payment status notification in real-time

Low-cost and convenient

  1. Integration with payment carts made easy
  2. Single channel for reconciling multiple banks
  3. Status of online payments can be viewed online
  4. Paying with a check is more cost-effective than using a credit card

Reliable & Secure

  • Certificates and authentication that are highly secure
  • Information/reference regarding payments
  • The ability to reverse a debit automatically
  • Chargebacks are not permitted

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